Private psychiatric hospital, providing over 35 years of service.

Vista Clinic is a private psychiatric hospital that provides mental health services to people 16 years and older. The most frequent conditions treated, are mood and anxiety disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.

About Us

Vista Clinic is a private psychiatric hospital providing mental health services to people 16 years and older.

Part of the Global Adventist Health Care Network

Vista Clinic is part of the Global Adventist Health Care Network, which is the second-largest private health care provider in the world.

Therapeutic milieu

Vista’s therapeutic milieu is created through interpersonal communication, provision of structure, setting of limits, use of the physical environment and participation in daily programmes.

It is Vista Clinic’s philosophy to provide a therapeutic milieu conducive to the promotion of mental health. This includes a homely atmosphere, with tranquil gardens and enough living space for patients, to prevent institutionalisation.

24-hour psychiatric nursing care and contact with the patient affords a unique opportunity to create and manage the therapeutic milieu.

The professional nurses individually influence the milieu through their therapeutic use of self, by providing support and direction for the patients in their quest for mental health.

Day Patients

The day therapy unit provides an alternative and cost-effective service for patients who need therapeutic support, but not hospitalisation.

The treatment programme includes:
Admission interview and discussion of individualised day programme
Individual consultations
Participation in the therapeutic journey
Progress review on a daily basis
Daily consultation with psychiatrist (separate account, tariff not included in day tariff)
Preparation for discharge
Discharge interview

Recreational facilities

Recreation is an integral part of the treatment of mental illness. It involves a calm, homely, structured atmosphere conducive to psychological healing.

Putting green

Patients are able to play a few rounds on the putting green as part of relaxation therapy.

Daily newspapers

Daily newspapers and magazines are available in the reception area of the administration building.

Coffee shop

Vista Clinic’s coffee shop stocks refreshments, beverages, cakes and light meals.

Television / M-Net / Christian TV Network

Televisions are available throughout the clinic.


Vista Clinic’s expansive gardens contribute to a tranquil environment. Benches are placed throughout the gardens, where the patients can enjoy quiet time.


Vista Clinic offers comfortable, homely accommodation in seven wards, namely Azalea, Begonia, Camellia, Disa, Erica, Fuchsia, and Gardenia, where skilled psychiatric nursing staff provide quality patient-centred care.

Patients are admitted to wards in accordance with their gender and age, not their diagnoses.
All wards have general rooms of two, three, four or five people sharing.

Limited private rooms (with en-suite bathrooms) and single rooms (without en-suite bathrooms) are available on request, at an additional, cost.

Multi-disciplinary Team

With 20 dedicated Psychiatrists and 31 psychologists, Vista Clinic is well geared to treat a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses. Our Multi-disciplinary team consists of:
• Psychiatrists
• Psychologists
• Pastoral Counselor
• Social Workers
• Nursing Staff
• Occupational Therapists
• Physiotherapists
• Music Therapists
• Dieticians

Post discharge support

Vista’s care continues beyond our wards.

Patients are called by one of our staff members following discharge, as part of our post-discharge call programme. 

During this call. patients are reminded to keep their doctor’s appointments and to take their prescribed medication, and we show our care by checking on the patient’s wellbeing and progress. Our callers will also assist with any questions patients may have.

Vista Academy

Vista continues to provide education for patients and the community at large. Vista offers emotional intelligence groups on a monthly basis, during which psycho-educational topics such as depression, dealing with difficult people, anxiety, and many more are addressed. 

These groups are open to the community.
See our public group seminar programme for further information:

caring, reaching & healing


To pioneer clinically validated whole person healing in psychiatric treatments and to be acknowledged as a centre of best practices and outcomes by 2025


We extend God’s care by reaching out to individuals burdened with mental illness through biological-, psychological-, social-, as well as spiritual healing and education


Respect:  We recognize the infinite worth of each individual

Integrity:  We are conscientious and trustworthy in everything we do

Service:  We care for our patients, their families and each other with compassion

Excellence:  We do our best to exceed expectations every day

Stewardship:  We take ownership of our God given responsibilities and resources to effectively and efficiently extend His care

Our Management Team

Francois Louw

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout

Director Medical Services

Greta Jones

Nursing Services Manager

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