Ask our Psychiatrist:  Dr Lerato Dikobe-Kalane
Dr Lerato tells us more about the effect of social isolation caused by Covid-19 on our mental health. Watch video in Afrikaans & English on the link below:

Ask our Psychiatrist:  Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout
What impact has Covid-19 had on mnetal heatlh?  Watch video in Afrikaans:

Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout, Vista Clinic, Psychiatrist

Ask our Music Therapist:  Karen de Kock
Karen tells us why singing is good for Mental Health.  Watch video in Afrikaans

Ask our Psychiatrist:  Dr Riaan Prinsloo
How do you balance technology and mental health? Watch video in Afrikaans.  

Dr Riaan Prinsloo, Psychiatrist

Ask our Occupational Therapist:  Chantelle Stander
Chantelle gives us practical tips to improve mental wellness. Watch video in Afrikaans below: