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Ring Out Hope for Mental Health

Two hundred years ago, at a time when people with Mental illness were kept in chains, a Psychiatrist, Phillipe Pinel released the patients from these chains and molded the chains into a bell. He rang this bell for the liberation of people with Mental illness and asked others to do the same. Other chains were also melted into bells.

A symbolic of this is the bell in Baltimore, USA, with the inscription of: “Cast from shackles which bound them, this bell shall ring out hope for the Mentally ill in victory over Mental illness.”

For the most part people with Mental illness are no longer kept in Mental chains, but there are still many symbolic chains, which bind them. The stigma in psychiatry and prejudice against Mental Health Care Users still exists.

October is Mental Health Awareness month. When you wear or see the orange bell or ribbon, ask yourselves the question: “What can I do to free the Mental Health Care User from these symbolic chains?”