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Thank you to Vista Clinic, Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout, the nursing sisters, the nurses, the cleaning staff, all auxialiary staff, those who prepare our food - obvious the leader in specialized psychiatric care.

Dear Vista Clinic
I really appriciate all that you have done in helping me with accomodation and care in spite of my medical aid finishing.  You have always offered the best care and made me feel comfortable during my stay.  Thanks once again and God bless (E.Brits 28/09/2015)

This day in 2012 I was discharged from your clinic and till day I still apply all the things you taught me on how to deal with anxiety and panic attached and everything else I learnt. To all the nurses there, thank you. I really felt @ home in Fuschia.  (Anonymous)

Thank you is such a small word but has so many meaning.  Thank you for all your kindness.  Thank you for always smiling.  From this day on, when I look back on the past, I will smile and say to myself "I never thought I could do it...But I did...I overcame all the people who tried to bring me down.  Take care, Good luck.  All my love (Melani)

"Thank you for the outstanding welcome, friendly and professional treatment and exceptional learning opportunity.  Ward Camellia, you guys are fabulous. Keep up the good work."  S Nagiah (SAMHS Nursing Student)

"Thanks for the opportunities that you have offered us in Vista Clinic, the friendly staff that were amazing, and the well organized programs.  Thank you."  T.D Seoketsa (SAMHS Nursing Student)

My wife was admitted to the clinic and stayed there for a week. The staff in ward Azalea did a fantastic job and were always very helpful and friendly. One can see they really love what they do and they do it well!.  Thanks for everything and keep up the great work.  Pieterd (10 Nov 2011)