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Company Profile

Vista Clinic is a private psychiatric hospital in Centurion that has been rendering valuable specialised multi-disciplinary mental health services to the larger community of the City of Tshwane for the past 32 years. The most frequent conditions treated are mood and anxiety disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.

As a leader in the private psychiatric hospital services, Vista Clinic has always maintained an exceptional level of service delivery. The Clinic has an immense influence on the community as thousands of patients are admitted each year. We believe that people with mental health problems are entitled to the best treatment possible to ensure successful reintegration into the community thereby achieving the highest level of functioning and quality of life.

The growing demand in private-and public behavioural health needs and Vista Clinic’s intention to remain a service delivery leader, has directed the Vista Board of Trustees to expand the hospital’s bed capacity by 25% and its total multi-disciplinary infrastructure with an additional 50%. Construction of a new wing commenced in 2011. The completed new wing accommodates 48 beds and 18 doctors’ rooms. In total 32 additional beds were added, bringing Vista’s total number of beds up to 158. This makes the Clinic one of the biggest private psychiatric hospitals in the country.

Vista Clinic is a proud participant to the global network of the Seventh - day Adventist health care services, which consist of 171 Hospitals, 429 Clinics & Dispensaries and 129 Nursing Homes & Retirement Villages worldwide.